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Twelfth Day of Sexy- Pas de Deux- Wynter SK- #SportsRomance #Military #Dance #Boxing


And on the 12th Day of Sexy we have Wynter SK with her re-release of Pas de Deux. 

Like most writers, music is a huge inspiration for me. I don’t always write to music, but there are certain poignant scenes that certain tracks go perfectly with. In my novel Pas de Deux, my characters Cillian and Sammi have a lot of those moments, individually and together. So I bring to you my 12-song playlist for Pas de Deux!

  1. Ride by Lana Del Rey
  2. Medicine Man by DOROTHY
  3. 21 Guns by Green Day
  4. I Am the Fire by Halestorm
  5. What I’ve Done by Linkin Park
  6. My Immortal by Evanescence
  7. Numb by Linkin Park
  8. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
  9. Shelter by DOROTHY
  10. It’s Not Over by Daughtry
  11. Hold Onto Me by Nina Gordon
  12. Beautiful With You by Halestorm


Cillian Ronan is a U.S. Army soldier home from a disastrous second deployment that resulted in the death of one of his best friends and is struggling to take ownership of his father’s historic gym from the money-hungry, unethical businessman he’s forced to work with. Sammi Carnevale is a closed-off young woman with a traumatic past who’s trying to rebuild her life and realize her dream of opening her own dance studio. When they meet, it quickly becomes clear how much they need each other’s friendship and support. Sammi relies on a dangerous habit to deal with her dark secret, and the pain of the loss of his friend haunts Cillian day and night. Their bond strengthens after all of their secrets are laid bare, and in the wasteland of pain they share, they decide to trust each other.

Just when it seems that they’re ready to take their friendship to the next level, Sammi’s past resurfaces in a horrifyingly public way, and the blame is placed squarely on Cillian. Will he lose everything he’s worked so hard for and the woman he’s fallen in love with? Will Sammi be able to fight through her pain and the trauma of her past without Cillian, whom she’s come to rely on for strength and understanding, when everything crumbles to ash? Will these two broken souls be able to heal apart, or is it only the power of love that can make them whole again—together?

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Wynter S.K. Bio

Wynter S.K. is her name, and razor-sharp romance is her game. She considers herself a pioneer of the notion that crème brûlée is a good source of calcium, and has the uncanny ability to explain to you, in detail, why wine is basically salad. She’s turned vocal novelizations of her favorite TV shows (Supernatural, anyone?) into a drinking game, and frequently laughs herself into asthma attacks.

She’s mom to two furry kids, the Pushy Pomeranian and the Contemptuous Cat. Oh, and you know those idealized, Alpha male, “book boyfriend” types we all love that are super tough and sweet and hot, all in one unfair and unrealistic package? Yeah, she’s married to one. He’s a cop and a U.S. Army soldier, and after over a dozen years together, he still makes her heart go ka-thump.

Wynter S.K. is a romantic suspense writer, with a special emphasis on strong, heart-of-gold, gruff Alpha males and butt-kicking heroines—no damsels in distress over here! Her favorite pairings are two souls drawn together under crazy circumstances and recognize their soul’s counterpart in the other. Mutual healing, painful growth, and of course, lots of red-hot romps.

Wynter lives for the happily-ever-after, but if, and only if, it follows a hard-wrought battle. Wynter loves to (figuratively, of course) stab readers in the heart before making it all better again, so all you have to do is trust her to tell you a good story, and strap yourself in—it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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