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The Eleventh Day of Sexy-The Christmas Letter- April Zyon of @EvernightPub @AprilZyon #erotica #romance #holiday


Today is the 11th Day of Sexy! On this day, my love gives me 11 Pipers Piping. So to celebrate this day, here are some versions of 12 Days of Christmas, some touching and some funny of people singing their hearts out about their 12 Days. 

Straight No Chaser Version  Animals Sing “12 Days of Christmas” Sara Evans-The Twelve Days of Christmas  12 Days of Christmas (Disney Princesses)   United Student Ministries at Crossroads Bible Church 

And to help us celebrate the day, April Zyon’s holiday release with a little something to pipe up our reading interests… 

The Christmas Letter.  

Davidson Center, Colorado book 1, by April Zyon

Published by Evernight Publishing

Cover art by Jay Aheer


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Will a Christmas letter be enough to restore his faith in love?

Dante had been serving his country faithfully as one of the elite SEALs when he got word of his baby sister’s death. To say he had been devastated would have been an understatement. He was taken out of commission, away from the only job he ever knew, to take care of the niece he only saw when he was on leave. He toyed with the idea of allowing them to put her with a foster family—for about two minutes.

Noelle Henry spat out form letters for children who wrote to Santa Claus each holiday season. When she read a letter written in crayon from a six-year-old named Molly Davidson she knew that she couldn’t simply send the child the standard letter, especially since she had known the child’s late mother. Instead, Noelle wrote a personalized letter for the little girl, something that would likely get her fired. She never anticipated what would develop between her and Molly’s new guardian, Dante Davidson.

Be Warned: bondage, spanking


Chapter One

Noelle Henry looked at another letter and giggled. This was one of the best jobs she had in a long time. Reading these letters from kids they sent to Santa and sending back form letters that were filled in and customized always made her day. Sure she wished she could write letters for these kids by hand, but she had already been warned more than once about it.

Opening another letter, she read it and then frowned as she realized she knew this kid. Re-reading the letter, her heart began to break. “Poor kid.” She traced the crayon that the letter had been written in and thought about the little girl’s mom and dad. She didn’t want to think about Molly’s uncle, Dante, because that brought forth too many painful memories.

Shit, she couldn’t help but wonder about him now that she had read Molly Davidson’s letter.

Dante Davidson was six years older than her, he was hotter than hell, and he had always been one of those men that all of the girls in school did everything that they could to get his attention. Noelle was no different, she couldn’t lie about that, even now. He was so out of her league, back then and especially now, it wasn’t funny. But reading Molly’s letter broke her heart.

Well hell. Noelle knew she couldn’t give this little girl a form letter. She was so going to get fired, but she knew this family, she lived in the same town they lived in and was surprised she hadn’t heard of the deaths of Molly’s mom and dad.

Dear Molly,

You are on my very good list. I’m so sorry about your mom and dad, but death isn’t something I can control. Just know that they are both together and love you very much and watch over you from where they are.

As to what you want. I’m certain your uncle is doing his best in trying to get along with you, give him time.

Noelle took a look around her, chewed her lip, and then glanced at her phone really quickly, checking her bank account. Making some quick calculations, she decided she could do it.

Continue to be good, be good for your uncle and give him a bit of a break. This is as hard for him as it is for you because he lost his baby sister, and while he’s gotten someone amazing in you, he’s trying to get over the loss of someone he spent twenty-five years protecting.

Look for something special on Christmas morning and keep being the special child that you are.


Before anyone could catch her, she printed the letter, sprinkled it with the multicolored glitter, and added a bold and script signature before stuffing it into an envelope and sending it down the line to be sent out.

The little girl wanted a new, talking real-life baby, and she didn’t know how to ask her uncle for it. She said in her heartbreaking letter that her uncle had to come home early from being a frog, which Noelle knew was SEAL, to take care of her. The little girl was scared that her uncle was going to try to give her away to one of the neighbors because of how much she looked like her mommy.

Noelle’s heart hurt for the child. She remembered Samantha, the woman had been a year older than Noelle, and they had been fast friends. Noelle hadn’t spent much time at Sammy’s house because sadly Sammy and Dante’s father was a drunk and he was a hitter as well. Sam escaped to Noelle’s home more often than not. They had drifted apart when they had both went off to college. When Sam came back married, it was on Noelle for not reaching out and making an attempt to get closer to her friend again.

Life had a way of getting in the way of friendships and of ensuring that one didn’t pick right back up where one left off. That’s what happened with Sammy and Noelle, but she wasn’t going to let this little girl go without the baby she wanted. It was an expensive purchase, but she would get it for the child and ship it to her. She just hoped that no one in their little town would put two and two together and realize that she was the one who had bought the baby for the little girl.

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Mason’s Mijos by Jacey Holbrand

Hey folks! Today I’m happy to announce that I finally have another story in my The Agency series out! It’s called Mason’s Mijos. But first a little about me…

~ * ~ BIO ~ * ~

Jacey Holbrand believes life and love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share her stories with readers. Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world.

Jacey loves to hear from readers! Click the link to eMail her: JaceyHolbrand@gmail.com

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cover_Mason's Mijos by Jacey Holbrand

~ * ~ ABOUT THE BOOK ~ * ~

This story is the fourth and last book in The Agency series that deals with the conspiracy theory.

Like two of the other books in the series, Mason’s Mijos deals with male pregnancy, and it also has a couple of surprises that I hope readers will enjoy. 😉

In addition, Mason’s Mijos has a menage element, has some food play and sexy, sexy men! 🙂

Be Warned: MPREG, m/m sex, menage sex (MMM), food play, rimming, double penetration, voyeurism

… He’ll do anything for love.

~ * ~ BLURB ~ * ~

Mason Diaz is shocked when he sees his two ex-boyfriends, Flynn Grayson and Ryker Gemmings, together and at an alien encounters support group. Old feelings for them resurface when they tell Mason they want a threesome relationship. Eager to rekindle the connections, Mason goes up to Flynn’s house in the mountains for the weekend of a lifetime with the two men.

Abductions. Food play. Secrets and confessions about alien origins and shifting.

It’s not exactly what Mason had expected.

Especially the pregnancies.

Can he continue to love each of them while trying to survive the life changing events and all the revelations the weekend has in store?

~ * ~ EXCERPT ~ * ~

“Why did you want to come back?”

Flynn put down his drink and took Mason’s hands in his. “Haven’t I made that clear? I returned for you. I fought to come back because I love you.”

Mason kissed Flynn’s knuckles on one hand then the other. “And I love you. That’s what I decided. Who you are on the inside is what matters. Not where you come from or what you can do. I. Love. You. What can I do to help you with your mission? Find a woman for you to knock up? I’m sure my sister has some friends who’d be interested in you.”

“No.” Flynn shook his head. “I don’t want any females. I just want you.”

“But if you don’t do what you need to, you’ll be sent home. Right?” Mason couldn’t imagine being without Flynn, never hearing his laugh or seeing his smile. He had to be able to do something to keep the love of his life on Earth.

“I know, and the thought of leaving you again just kills me.” Flynn appeared to think for a moment. “You know, I could transform my genitals long enough for you to impregnate me.”

Mason chuckled. A man, changing his boyish bits into girly parts so he could carry a baby? Given to him by his male lover? That’s one for the tabloids. “I gotta hand it to you. It’s an interesting idea, Flynn, but a gestation period will be much longer than a few minutes.”

“I realize that. I have a medication to speed up the process, so it’ll only take a few days to a week or so. I believe I can keep the small transformation of my reproductive system going until I deliver.”

“I don’t know, Flynn. As much as I always wanted a child with you, I don’t want to put you in danger. And what if it doesn’t work?”

“Trust me. I’ll do my best to keep myself safe and make it happen. If I have your child, I’ll have done my duty and given you the best gift in the world. If for some reason it doesn’t work, then I’ll have to bite the bullet and find an Earth woman to procreate with.” He squeezed Mason’s hands. “Please, Mason, say we can do this. Let me have your baby.”

If anyone ever had said he’d be having such a conversation in his life, he would have called them daft. Yet here he was. Talking with his partner about having a baby. Together. Without the medical intervention of surrogacy. Just him, Flynn, and nature taking its bizarre, in this case, course.

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Thank you for having me on your blog, and readers, thank you for stopping by today!

Love & blessings to all! <3

Release Date: May 24, 2016

Heat Level: 4 ## Word Count: 34,100 ## ISBN: 978-1-77233-864-5 ## Editor: Karyn White ## Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs