Holiday Hotties

Need a little holiday cheer?

A new series of sweet and touching holiday lunch-reads are coming December 2016!

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2016 Holiday Hotties Short Stories Collection

Snowflake Smiles (Holiday Hotties)


Racecar driver Ben Carver’s trip home takes a detour when the storm of the decade dumps piles of snow on his plans. With no available hotels, he’s committed to riding out the storm and holiday in a restaurant until his phone buzzes and a stranger announces he’s come to save Ben from a Christmas alone. Ben’s ready for a new challenge in his fast-moving life, but the brooding tree farmer might have too many secrets that will keep them from getting their relationship to the checkered flag.

Christmas tree farmer Ford Lennox returned to western Nebraska after his parents passed away in quick succession and left unanswered questions about how he really came into the world. He dedicates himself to reviving his parent’s business and giving holiday happiness to others, much to the detriment of his personal life. A night snowed in with the comfort of the blazing fire and a man who makes his heart race has him wondering if he’s hidden too much for too long and maybe the past doesn’t matter as much as the future does.

Will Ford end up being the best Christmas gift Ben’s ever received?


Jingle Bell Joy (Holiday Hotties)


Surgeon Gabe Evanston climbs into his SUV and heads north after a breakup text that shows him how much his ex wasn’t right for him. But will there ever be someone who is right? The stocking-capped hottie in the hallway of the condo he rents helps him to believe that better days ahead are possible, but when life continues to go downhill his hope dwindles. Can Gabe recover his heart before it’s too late or will distance keep them apart?

Snowboard instructor Drake Kellis jokes around to hide his fears of failing … again. Instead of putting himself out there, he spends his nights with the beautiful blonde in his apartment—the one with a wagging tail. A surprise meeting happens on the mountain, but the chair lift malfunctions, forcing Drake and Gabe to make a hard decision: crash or jump? Will Drake figure out his life before it’s too late, jumping again, but this time into love.


Champagne Cheers (Holiday Hotties)


Aspiring venture capitalist Matteo Bianci III has one chance to prove himself to his brutally honest father or his dreams of becoming a partner in the Bianci business will be over. Sent to assess the return potential on several Niagara-on-the-Falls area vineyards, Matteo’s short business visit turns into an unplanned vacation when a lake-effect blizzard causes whiteout conditions and the airport closes. Matteo’s attraction to the bed and breakfast and vineyard’s young owner isn’t in the plan, the solid one he’s had since he was fourteen. It can’t happen, but still he wonders what it would be like to have someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve.

Janek Becker’s vineyard is struggling, so when the stubborn rich guy shows at his door declaring he has a reservation in his closed bed and breakfast, Janek’s torn between turning him away into the snow or making a pitch to the man who could save his future. When the vineyard’s generator stops working and equipment breaks in the fermenting house threatening the year’s wine, will they work together to save the crop? Will Matteo realize a good endeavor when he sees one and invest his heart? Or will he decide that the Three Cheers Winery and Janek aren’t worth the risk?


Winter Wishes (2015 Holiday Hotties)

JulesDixon copy-1

Sexy Santa was never on his list, but Caleb Gilden stopped writing a Christmas wish list long ago. Santa had always come up short in fulfilling his wishes. That’s why he’s put all of his money and time into his gift shop—at least others can get what’s on their wish list.

Reeve Stone wishes for a different outcome of a day when his parents died in a horrific car crash right in front of him and his sister. He knows that isn’t going to happen, so he’ll just keep a smile on his face for his sister’s sake.

But when he meets the green-eyed gift shop owner, and is forced into donning a Santa suit for a sick and disadvantaged children’s holiday party, will he finally grant a wish for Caleb? And will Caleb help Reeve through the hardest day of the year only to discover love is what they’ve both been wishing for?

Reviews: The two men were adorable, and the secondary characters were pleasantly quirky. The writer has a large body of work, and if this little taste is any indication, her other books are definitely worth checking out. ~Ellee**synary

Winter Wishes at Amazon

Candy Cane Cupid (2015 Holiday Hotties)

CandyCaneCupid copy

Shane Bradford has been put on a mandatory two-week vacation from his job. He’s also been handed a gift list from his ultra-controlling mother that includes visiting a tea shop that contains more than just flavorful teas. The substitute storeowner intrigues Shane, but finishing the shopping list has to come before finding out if his vacation could end up being more than sitting and staring at the Christmas tree in his condo.

Baris Ardor didn’t expect his last customer of the holiday season to be the one that was hotter than the boiling water he used to make tea for his mother’s customers. But after an awkward meeting and accidentally keeping Shane’s shopping list, can Baris find him and make a better impression?

When Shane finds out that Baris is just a temporary visitor to the city, will his vacation become something more permanent? Or will he let the one man who warmed his Grinchy-heart just walk away?

Reviews: Baris and Shane are both hiding from (and paying for) the sins of their fathers, but a chance meeting during the holidays finally gives each of them the chance to move on with their lives — together! Cute holiday story (and the internal dialog had me cracking up the whole time). ~Nanette

Candy Cane Cupid at Amazon

Mistletoe Mine (2015 Holiday Hotties)

Mistletoe Mine copy

This holiday Kiel Rushton’s dreaming of a furry someone with a happy heart and a wagging tail. The kennel worker with twinkling eyes seems to think Kiel could handle the responsibility of two little dogs that come with a heartbreaking past. Heartbreak and responsibility are two things Kiel knows too well.

Brady Littleton works the shelter every Saturday, more reliable than even the postal delivery person. When it comes to a dog being the right fit for someone, his gut has never been wrong, but it’s been wrong about someone being his right fit—way too many times. The timid soon-to-be dog owner just needs some encouragement and maybe a doggie play date with his own dog to show him the season is meant for caring and sharing with the two balls of fluff.

Will Brady be able to convince Kiel the two dogs were meant to be in his life? Will Kiel convince Brady that he was meant to be there, too?

Reviews: I LOVED this book. Darling characters (all of them except one who is barely in the story). Cute story line. Sweet romance. And great writing. So clever and funny!
“You’re gay?” she said it in a defeated way.
“Sorry to disappoint you.”
“No, no. I meant it more like, ‘You’re gay!'” She threw her hands up wiggling jazz fingers and water droplets flew through the air.

Come on. That’s funny. ~Mrs. Readsalot

This is a sweet, short story. I would have loved to read more about these characters! It was well-written and included rescue dogs, you can’t go wrong! ~H. Martin

Mistletoe Mine at Amazon

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