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Thank you Jules for having me on your blog for your fun 12 Days of Sexy! I am excited for day five – Five Golden Rings! When I think rings, I don’t think jewelry. I think donuts! I have a major sweet tooth, and therefore, so do many of my characters. I thought I’d share with you a favorite Christmas sweet treat from five characters from my Willow Creek series.

Allie Jordan – From as far back as Allie can remember, her family would wake up early the Friday after Thanksgiving and pull out every Christmas box, tub, and decoration from the attic. Her dad would make pancakes and top them with whipped cream, strawberries, and green sprinkles. After his passing, she took over the pancake production. Her family would spend the entire day decorating the inside and outside of the house. Then they’d have those same holiday pancakes again for supper.

Kim Wilkerson – If you’ve met Kim, you know she loves cupcakes. This love developed early in life, when she was just a little girl standing on a chair in her grandma’s kitchen so she could reach the counter and help stir the cupcake batter. Which, of course, also involved swiping the bowl with her fingers a few times. Her grandma makes her special chocolate cupcakes from scratch only once a year, just a couple weeks before Christmas, and decorates them with her special cream cheese frosting colored red and green. Kim hasn’t missed an opportunity yet to help and, um, taste-test the goods!

Hannah Rowe – Hannah’s mom loves to bake, but she doesn’t like to have an audience while doing so. But that never stops Hannah from sneaking into the kitchen to swipe a fresh peppermint cookie off the counter while they’re cooling. Though these shortbread cookies sprinkled with peppermint are tasty while they’re fresh out of the oven, Hannah’s favorite way to eat them is after they’ve been iced with powdered sugar icing and chilled in the freezer. She’s been known to sneak out of her bed after midnight and help herself to a few frozen peppermint cookies and a big glass of milk.

Aunt Ruby Rowe – Aunt Ruby’s fondest Christmas memory as a little girl was going to her grandparents farm on Christmas Eve. Though money was always a little tight, especially with fourteen grandchildren, her grandma would make each grandkid one popcorn ball and hand them out in the evening while her grandpa read to them around the tree and the fireplace. Her grandma always saved a special green one for Ruby because it’s her favorite color.

Claire Montgomery – No one has met Claire yet, but you’ll have the chance to meet the woman who steals Alex Rowe’s heart in April 2017. Though Claire spent most of her childhood moving around from place to place with her mom, and the type of Christmas they were going to have was always a little uncertain, there was one tradition they never broke. Every December, they would search several grocery stores until they found round pretzels to make what they always called Reindeer noses. They’d melt Hersey kisses inside the circle pretzels and top them off with red M&Ms. Claire was notorious for sneaking a reindeer nose first thing in the morning before her mom woke up.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


If you haven’t had the chance to meet some of these characters, check out my Willow Creek series. This series is for readers who enjoy a little romance, a bit steam, a few laughs, and a twist of suspense.


Sweetly Scandalous

Romance novel enthusiast Allie Jordan has a closet secretly stacked full of steamy bodice-rippers and a past relationship gone wrong.

Her vicious ex, Travis, demeaned her love of her favorite books, leaving Allie to seriously doubt the existence of happily ever after’s beyond their fictional pages. One unfortunate night, Allie falls victim to his rage. Years later, with Travis behind bars, the scars he’s left behind have caused Allie to recede. Only through her anonymous—but quite popular—blog does Allie share her excitement of sexy heroes and stubborn heroines.

When Doctor Nick Bryant arrives in Willow Creek looking like he might’ve jumped right from the pages of one of Allie’s beloved books, her resolve to leave her hometown begins to waiver. With Nick harboring secrets of his own and Travis nearing parole eligibility, will Allie take a chance on her own happily ever after or will her past prove that not all scars heal?

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Secretly Scandalous

Kim Wilkerson’s on the brink of opening her dream business. But when her dad suffers a heart attack, she agrees to return to Willow Creek to help run the family business she never wanted to be a part of.

The setback sours further when Kim discovers that Evan, the only man she’s ever truly loved, is back in town and intent on earning her forgiveness for abandoning her all those years ago.

Evan Rowe has been hiding in Alaska, fighting fires. But no matter how far he runs, nightmares from his past failure pursue him. His desperate need to put his past behind him brings him back to Willow Creek and back into Kimberly’s life.

The years haven’t changed their smoldering attraction to each other. But forgiveness might mean falling in love all over again. Kim barely survived the devastation from his departure the last time. How can she risk her heart a second time for a man who only plans to leave again?


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