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Seventh Day of Sexy- Killer at Christmas by Kera Faire @RavenMcAllan of @EvernightPub #suspense #HolidayRomance #NewRelease


And on the 7th day of Sexy my true love gave to me…unique Christmas traditions and Kera Faire’s new book– Killer at Christmas! Some suspense and some romance, with a few unique twists that probably don’t involve “swans a swimming”, but maybe some water since this is part of the Death Isle series.

7 Unique Christmas Traditions

  1. Austria– Children live in fear of Krampus, a man who beats naughty children with branches! Ouch! 
  2. PortugalConsoda is a tradition Christmas morning feast that remembers dead family members by setting plates at the table for those who have gone. 
  3. Iceland– The Yule Cat mythical beast is said to devour anyone who doesn’t receive new clothing before Christmas eve. 
  4. Czech Republic/Slovakia– for those who are single, they stand with their back to the front door and throw a pair of shoes over their shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toe pointed toward the door–that person will be getting married soon.
  5. Sweden– In the town of Gavle- an almost 43 foot goat is made out of hay in the town square. The first year an arsonist lit the goat on fire, the goat was resurrected every year after that and again those with a penchant for pyro have tried to take it down. In 2001, an American tourist was jailed and fined for lighting the structure on fire. 
  6.  Finland– people believe that an elf lives in their sauna to make people behave and protect it. On Christmas Eve families gather in the sauna, but not after dark–that’s when the spirits of dead ancestors use the sauna. 
  7. SANTAhe has his own postal code–HOH-OHO, which is in Canada. Canadian postal workers handle all the Santa mail and send back letters to all children who write one to Santa.

Now that we’ve learned about some unique Christmas traditions, let’s learn about Kera’s newest holiday story! 


A killer and a hooker? An unlikely mix, especially at Christmas.

Rio Buchanan, a government operative, and member of the Dispatchers specializes in seduction. He just never thought his target would be his ex-wife. Andie might be a hooker now, but there’s no way she’s a traitor. There’s only one way to get to the truth—kidnap her to keep her safe.

Andie doesn’t know what to think when Rio disrupts her life again, let alone when she wakes up in a prison cell shackled to him, and not in a fun, kinky way. The secrets of his job already ended their marriage. Will they now end her life too?

Imprisoned on the Death Isle, they have to work together to catch a traitor, and discover if they can forge a new life together.

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Secretly Scandalous by @JacquelineWinters #Romance #Suspense


Jacqueline Winter’s Latest Release Secretly Scandalous!

Exclusive Excerpt for Jules Dixon readers:

Kim had forgotten about the single photo she and Evan had taken five years ago. They’d been nestled in the bed of his truck at sunset, the sun’s golden rays illuminating the background. Her hair had been longer back then, several inches past her shoulders. Evan looked younger, but maybe it was the absence of the dark stubble growing into a beard he had now.
She looked toward Evan to make the comparison. He caught her watching and smiled.
“If I jump, will you catch me?” Macy called.
Kim shoved the photo into the back of the binder. “Do you two want some privacy?”
As Macy took a running start to make the jump safely, Kim began packing up her things. She was not going to sit here in her favorite spot and watch her sister act like a flirty teenager. How Macy had yet to snag an Alaskan man was beyond her. Macy had more boyfriends in high school than most people had classes.
Exiting the photo app on her phone, Kim felt a shadow hovering above her. Peeling her eyes upward, Evan stood at the edge of her blanket, dripping wet. His boxers, drenched by the water, clung to his thighs. She swallowed.
“You have thirty seconds,” he said, his voice gruff.
“For what?”
“To shed the clothes you want to keep dry.”
“Go away.” Kim continued gathering her things, closing her binder and putting her pencil back in her lily-patterned tote.
“What’s up with this stick in the mud thing? That’s not the Kimberly I know.”
“I’m a tree, rooted in dry ground.”
“Have it your way.” Evan scooped down and threw Kim over his shoulder so quickly she hardly had time to drop her phone, let alone register what happened before they reached the edge of the water.
“Put me down!” She tried to kick, but he had hold of her feet. The first twinge of panic hit when she saw her sister treading water just a few yards away. The creek was much deeper than she thought.
“I believe they call that the fireman’s carry,” Macy’s voice called. “My turn next!”
“Evan, you are not getting me wet!”
“You never had a problem with it before,” he said quietly enough so Macy didn’t hear. And seductively enough that Kim blushed. It was just the distraction he needed to plunge them both into the deepest area of the creek.
Kim barely had time to hold her breath before she was completely submerged. At first, the icy water shocked her system.
“That’s better,” Evan said, smirking.

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Jacqueline Winters B&N Sweetly Scandalous

Jacqueline Winters B&N Secretly Scandalous

Jacqueline Winters All Romance



#NewRelease Reine’s Salvation by @AuthorElyzabethMVaLey with @EvernightPub #Paranormal #Suspense #Romance

Alpha Protectors, 1
He’s the kind of man her mother
warned her to steer clear from…
Mystique is happy with her current life, but for years she’s struggled on a
path of self-destruction. She knows she shouldn’t get involved with the brooding
hunk at the bar, but how can she stay away when his sorrowful gaze is so
Reine has lost everything: his wife, his friends, his ability to fight, and
his identity as an Alpha Protector. There’s nothing left for him except a world
of anger and bitterness. At least, that’s what he believes until he meets an
intrepid waitress. 

The attraction between them is immediate, but while Reine can’t let go of
his past, Mystique is not willing to return to hers. With darkness constantly
closing in, will they find a way to be together? Or, will Reine’s behavior
destroy their future?


Reine sighed. “Can we talk about
something else?”
“Sure,” she agreed. She observed him
for an instant. His eyes were closed. Her gaze traveled across his nose and
over to his full lips. Damn it if she didn’t want to kiss him. She lay back
down, trying to still her beating heart. “What would you like to talk about?”
she asked.
“How about this insane attraction
we’re both feeling?”
 “What?” Mystique squeaked.
“You heard me.”
Mystique shut her eyes as she heard
the rustle of his clothes. She didn’t dare open them.
“I haven’t felt so attracted to any
woman in over two years, and from what you’ve told me, it’s been a while for
you too.”
Eight years, she thought. She’d kept
herself away from one-night stands and sex with others in general, afraid she’d
become angry and bitter again if things didn’t work out. She played with her
toys and enjoyed her body on her own. It had been enough, until Reine. 
He was
driving her hormones crazy.
“Well, yes.” She licked her lips.
“Damn it, woman, do you know what
that does to me?”
Mystique gasped as Reine’s lips
brushed against hers.
“It makes me want to devour your
mouth,” he whispered.
“I’m sorry,” she said, sounding
breathless to her own ears.
“Don’t be. Look at me,” Reine said
She opened her eyes and found his
face inches away. The intensity of his gaze was like looking into a pool of
flaming desire that threatened to consume her.
“I thought—”
“Don’t think. It’ll make it easier.”
She didn’t have time to issue a
protest as he lowered his head and kissed her. They both groaned as their lips
melded against each other. His teeth snagged on her bottom lip, pulling
slightly and making her body react like a fire alarm at the first hint of
smoke. His tongue licked a path across her bottom and upper bow, and she
eagerly opened up for him, needing to taste more. Her nipples hardened beneath
her top.
Reine pulled her up into a sitting
position and smashed his lips against hers. He possessed her mouth with his,
not with strength, but with the ability of a man who knew what he was doing.
His tongue delved deep, intertwining with hers. Mystique moaned. Her mind went
blank, her senses taking priority over anything else. All she could do was feel
the touch of his hand on her back, and the warmth of his mouth against hers.
Breathless, they both pulled back
after a few minutes. Her hands trembling, she pushed a few strands of his hair
away from his face. Reine kissed her gently. She angled her head and he
explored her mouth at a more leisurely pace.
“You drive me insane,” he whispered.
“This is not normal,” he insisted.
Mystique giggled.
“I want to fuck you,” he groaned
into her ear. He brought her hand to his cock. Eagerly, she stroked him over
his jeans. Liquid rushed to coat her panties and a dull ache began to throb
between her legs.
“And what are you waiting for?”
“I can’t. Not here. Not after what
you’ve told me.”
“What?” She placed a hand on his
chest and pushed back. “What do you mean?” 
About Elyzabeth M. VaLey

weird by normal standards – what is normal anyway?- Elyzabeth M. VaLey enjoys
making up songs about mundane things, doodling stars and flowers on any blank
sheet of paper, talking to her Lab whenever he feigns interest and coming up
with love stories to make readers dream.

From contemporary to historical or fantasy, she
enjoys writing stories about good and evil, love and passion and all that comes
in between happy ever after.
Stalk her at:


Salvation has its own inspiration board

Reclaimed by Desire by @DesireeACox #Erotica #Romance

Reclaimed by Desire by Desiree A. Cox

Series: Lust, Desire and Love Trilogy, Book 3

Genre: Erotic Romance

Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis – Book Cover By Design

Release Date: November 16, 2015

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Heartbreak has stripped every last one of Jeff’s walls completely down. His emotions are at their peak, and raw. He’s willing to put everything on the line for the sake of his one true love, Nikki. He’ll stop at nothing to make sure she knows just what she means to him, and to get her back.

But will it be enough?

Nikki is at an all-time emotional low, and she’s totally vulnerable. The things Jason said to her in Jaded By Desire have left her feelings exposed, arcing like a live electrical wire. She wants Jeff more than anything else in the world, but, after everything they’ve been through, will he be able to convince her that his love is sincere?


**Reading order**

Twisted By Desire (book #1)

Jaded By Desire (book #2)

Reclaimed By Desire (book #3)

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Book 2: Jaded by Desire

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Meet the author:

Desiree is an Erotica/Erotic Romance author who also works full-time. She was born and raised in Iowa, and now lives in Delaware. She married her high school sweetheart, and has  been happily married for over twenty-five years. She’s the mother of two sons and a daughter. Desiree also enjoys traveling and spending time at the beach. Twisted by Desire, book 1 in the trilogy, is her debut novel.

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Jake by @BeaLaRocca #KinkyInKansas #Erotica #Cowboy


JAKE (Kinky in Kansas #1)

When Jake Campbell lands his dream job as ranch-hand in training at the Striker Ranch, more than one dream comes true for the handsome young cowboy.

Jake has never told anyone that he’s gay, but the powerful physical attraction that he feels for the foreman, Jackson Stone, and his right-hand man, Nate O’Connell, leave no doubt in his mind that handsome, muscular men do it for him. They’re probably both straight though, I mean, most guys are, right?

Jake decides, better to keep his desires to himself, than risk being rejected, ridiculed, or worse. So, he keeps his mouth shut and waits. He doesn’t have to wait long as Jackson makes his own desires known at the first opportunity. Thrilled to learn that Jackson and Nate are together and that they both want him to join them, he eagerly embarks on his first sexual adventure. How can they build something more when trouble keeps coming their way?

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Bea LaRocca is a single mom, grandma, and student, having returned to college as an adult to complete her BS in Meteorology/Geology. Now a part-time student doing independent study, she spends her time reading, writing and chatting with her diverse group of friends. A native New Yorker, she prefers the great outdoors over the big city, would rather spend time with her family than do anything, and loves pizza and chocolate as much as she loves reading and writing erotic romance.

Go check her collection of erotic romance!

If Only In My Dreams by @KeiraAndrews #Gay #Holiday

Keira Andrews Sized

If Only In My Dreams by Keira Andrews

To be home for Christmas, they must bridge the distance between them.

Charlie Yates is desperate. It’s almost Christmas and his flight home from college has been delayed. For days. Charlie promised his little sister Ava he’d be home for her first holiday season since going into remission from leukemia. Now he’s stuck on the opposite coast and someone else grabbed the last rental car. Someone he hasn’t even spoken to in four years. Someone who broke his heart.

Gavin Bloomberg’s childhood friendship with Charlie ended overnight after a day of stolen kisses. With years of resentment between them, they don’t want to be in the same room together, let alone a car. But for Ava’s sake, Gavin agrees to share the rental and drive across the country together.

As they face unexpected bumps along the road, can Charlie and Gavin pave the way to a future together?

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About Keira:

After writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal and fantasy fiction, and—although she loves delicious angst along the way—Keira firmly believes in happy endings. For as Oscar Wilde once said, “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.” You can find out more about Keira and her books at:


Consenting Hearts by @MuffyWison #ValentinesDayLove #NavySealLove

Valentine Love with a Navy Seal ~ Consenting Hearts by @SexyMuffyWilson #ValentinesDayLove #NavySealLove #ASMSG

Consenting Hearts
Muffy Wilson



Just as we cannot live without dreams, we
cannot live without love. Love is not found, for love is truly blind. Lovers do
not meet for they dwell inside of one another until the moment a whisper
ignites the heart and a kiss touches the soul. 
And we call that the beginning…of life with love.


So on Valentine’s Day, what better way to lay tribute to love and lovers than

with a love story that just happensnot on purpose, not by design, not by any

other intention than to live life and love without boundaries? To fly limitless

into the arms of someone who completes your soul gives one wings.


Nothing can stop the power of love between a man and a woman.

This is a story about a professional woman, unlucky in love and tired of all things testosterone, who is erotically tempted by a female piano bar player and torch singer. Her intended tryst is derailed when she meets a Navy Seal in the lounge enjoying the sweet temptations of a Southern Comfort Manhattan. 
How does the night unfold for the strangers above the jeweled colored sparkling lights strewn like a bed in the valley below? Perhaps a twosome or maybe a threesome. Or…
Perhaps forever is only for a night.

You know, the
longer and more that I do this, it never gets easier to talk about myself. I
think writers are inherently private, why I don’t know, because everything we
write is revealing in some way. But, I love talking about my books and
characters, so I guess, someday, I’ll get used to talking about myself too!
How long have you been a writer and how did you come to
In many respects, I have written most of my life. I was in
sales and marketing before I retired and I had to write proposals, proformas,
presentations and contracts so I had to have some command of the English
language. It was only after I started writing provocative romance and erotica
that I realized how little command I actually have!! But, I started, in earnest,
writing stories and books in 2010. My first story, The Storm, was published in
2010 by Oysters & Chocolate, an online magazine now defunct. The $10 I
earned mad me a pro! I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come!
How did you come up with this story?
I wrote a very short workshop teaser, The Bath, for a group
I am in in which the woman bathing dozes and feels hands on her, soothing her
tired muscles and becoming more insistent, erotically. She gives herself over
to the sensations and then as she drains the tub thinks she sees a face in the
water. It was the beginning or a romance that spans a century about a seafaring
man that keeps returning to his home to try to find his beloved, Amalya who
died in childbirth. He mistakenly thinks that Emily, now  in his home, is she. That is how this all
started and these two characters literally swept me away.
What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
As always, the agony of a blank page and the ecstasy of two
little words, “The End”. In all fairness, writing is a solitary endeavor, so
the loneliness gets to me occasionally, but I have taken to the couch and write
beside my husband as he does his crossword puzzles and watches sports. And I
have my characters to keep me company.


What inspires you to write?
I know writers always say ‘everything’ but for me, that
really isn’t true. A melody might, something that happened to me in my life,
someone, or something I saw. Once, on the day that JFK was assassinated, my
Mother and I were shopping in Paris. My Dad was an Air Force colonel and we
were stationed there for three years, but that is a story in and of itself!
Anyway, I saw a man strike a woman across the Champs Elysees in front of the
Arc de Triomphe. The ‘City of Love’ changed for me forever in that one moment.
Things like that inspire me. Politics, for example, do not so everything is not
inspiring to me. I suspect, to sum it up, the human condition is fascinating to
me; how people treat and react to one another at their best and worst, is
How did you conduct your research for Consenting
Humm, I really didn’t. This is another time when much of
what I wrote, I lived. The same is true of Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences,
although not all, for sure. The setting in The Para-Postage of Emily, is
on an island between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. For many years, my husband
and I lived on an Island in the middle between both of those bodies of water
and the ferry had to cross “Death’s Door, so named by the Indians because of
the treacherous currents. It is a small 36 square mile island settled by Nordic
settlers many generations ago so many of the current residents are related.
Small Island, big gossip! Anyway, we lived there for nearly 20 years. That is
where this story takes place, in a small part of my heart. For Consenting Hearts, The beginning is how I met my husband. The drama surrounding the meeting is pure fabrication, as is the rest of the story, but that is how this lovely piece begins and why.
What are 3 of your favorite lines/quotes from Consenting Hearts?
I have so many, but these are just a few that are PG rated for this interview:
Sailie took her first sip, feeling the warmth of
the drink claiming her body, inch by inch. She savored that very first sip
luxuriously. It was like a lover’s hands sliding down her body, igniting every
inch as they felt their way to her toes.
swish, swish…and her thong bit into her tender folds as a poignant reminder.
Dylan lit a cigar and Sailie thought she would like
to die in his arms from the mere honeyed scent of the burning leaves. 
What would your friends say is your best quality?
I am a good friend, I think they would say. I hope they
would anyway. I try to be helpful and supportive. It is so hard to be a writer
today. There are 55,000 new books published monthly. Anyone can write and
publish a book. I can be very discouraging for an author to be read and, as you
know, promotion is time consuming and exhausting leaving little time to do what
you love. I try to do whatever I can to help my friends. I try to be generous
with my time and whatever talent I possess that might be useful to them.
Are reader reviews important to you?
Reader reviews are very important to me. Positive
reinforcement is essential to my life-force. It is like getting all dressed up
for a party looking your best, and no one notices if I don’t get reviews. And
it is crushing. You know, shameless self-promotion only goes so far, and that’s
usually with your family! As in anything, word of mouth is the best form of
advertising—and so it goes with books. Oddly enough, while I don’t particularly
care for average reviews, they do not bother me. You cannot please everyone and
one really never knows a reader’s points of reference. Anyway, I am harder on
my work than anyone else could ever be.

I have been fortunate to be selected as a Readers’ Favorite. You can read some of the wonderful nearly two dozen 5 star reviews here:

Do you have any blogs/websites?

Do I ever!!
What do you do when you don’t write?
My husband and I used to boat, but we lost interest when gas
prices went so high. We had a 28’ Grady White. Beautiful boat. But we could eat
lobster every day for what it cost us to go fishing in the Gulf a few times a
month! That takes all the fun out of a hobby. I walk a lot as, like Emily, I
have a wee Havanese dog of 12 fluffy pounds and I sew. I am also a licensed
realtor, although I have been ‘inactive’ for the last year making a heartfelt
effort with my writing. Come to think of it, I have done little else but write
in the last year!!


Tell us about your other books? 
Thank you for asking. I have this new book on pre-order now releasing
on Valentine’s Day titled Consenting Heart: A Very Special Valentines. Pre-order
. It includes elements of the day I met my husband but the rest is pure
sizzling fiction.
The setting in The Para-Postage of Emily, is on
an island between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. For many years, my husband and I
lived on an Island in the middle between both of those bodies of water and the
ferry had to cross “Death’s Door, so named by the Indians because of the
treacherous currents. It is a small 36 square mile island settled by Nordic
settlers many generations ago so many of the current residents are related.
Small Island, big gossip! Anyway, we lived there for nearly 20 years. That is
where this love story takes place, in a small part of my heart. The story of a seafaring
man, tormented by loss and love, who returns nightly for his love Amalya who
died in childbirth, only to discover Emily who now owns his home. Love across a
century. Very sexy, very romantic! Order Here
Then I am contributing to a real scorcher, Alpha Fever: 22
Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories. My story is about a good
neighbor and The Butterfly Collector. Pre-order
. It has an interesting backdrop of BDSM. I am not  proficient in that genre so it is mild, but still an interesting story I think about releasing ourselves to the care and
trust of another and how we blossom as a result of what we learn about
ourselves. The protagonist has a club foot, and yes, I once dated a man with a
club foot. As with most disabilities, visible or not, it is our own feelings
about it that are the most crippling. My last release was a fund raiser I help
with for a friend that suffers from Ataxia, a neurological disorder affecting
voluntary coordination of muscle movements. I wrote an inspirational piece about
when I was raped and how we can overcome anything, with the right help and
desire. This Beautiful Escape Order
All proceeds go to charity and you’ll learn a little more about me and
have loads of inspiring stories, poems, quotes and daily reads to perk you up.
I have thirteen or so books/anthologies published now so I
can’t talk about each of them, however, I love Moonbeams
of Unintended Consequences
as one of my favs and also, along with Emily, I
am writing a sequel. This is an interracial love story about a famous opera
star and a young beautiful designer. And yes, I did ‘know’ a celebrated opera
star and the famous San Francisco Whitcomb Hotel does exist. My last release,
written with my friend Chrissy Laurence, was in September in the form of Cheerleaders
in Heat
and that is a real 5 flame eroco-throbber. Fun and funny, but
serious, it exposes the underbelly of life in South Miami’s nightlife; there is
some violence that alters the course of my heroine’s life.
Your readers will be hearing more about those books in the
coming months as we delve deeper into my sordid writing and past. In the
meantime, they can check out my books and add them to there Wish List on my Amazon
Author Page
If you could share one thing about yourself that you would
like readers
to know what would it be?
I never graduated from college. Most people do not know that
about me and just assume I did. While I would never want alter the course of my
life, that is my second greatest regret. But, I am happy with how my life has
gone; I am wealthy beyond money, I had a great career as a Regional Director
with IBM, and my life has been enriched by all those that have touched me and
continue to love me. I have a wonderful husband who thinks it is funny I write
‘porn’ and a step-son who thinks I am awesome. Could it get any better than
Well, I suppose I should say “Good Bye” as I would hate to
bore you into thinking my books are equally tiresome! They are lovely.
Read some of the reviews, speaking of reviews. It has been an honor to be here
with you today. I so appreciate your time and interest in sharing my work with
your friends, family and fans. They are all a special lot and I love each and
every one of them. Thank you for stopping by.
She told him what she had done to herself in the ladies’ room, the slight smell of
vodka and lemons on her breath escaping from full, ruby lips as he watched them
move with each word and syllable. He was getting hard again; she could see the
bulge in his pants. She described in detail exactly what she had done, how she
felt and how it had made her feel when she emerged from the ladies’ room:
strong, powerful, in control—hot. She leaned in closer and whispered into his ear.
“I am so tempted to guide your hand up to the wet desire you caused between my
His bulge
was quite obviously rock hard, as he no doubt remembered when she’d returned
from the ladies’ room but in earnest at her seductive suggestion…
“I would be less than an officer and a gentleman if I didn’t oblige. I must
confess,” Dylan said, “I thought I smelled the fragrance of sex on you, and you
made me hard as steel—Navy steel hard…Jesus, Sailie…” Ordinarily, a comment
like that would have brought some chuckles but the two of them were dead
serious, staring into one another’s hungry eyes.
 “Last call for alcohol. You don’t hafta go home; you just gotta go. You can’t stay here,” the bartender hollered interrupting their locked gaze.
People started to shuffle around them gathering their things, collecting their coats and umbrellas, leaving. Sailie and Dylan had just gotten fresh drinks, so they had a few minutes to whisper and touch before they would have to join the others
and leave. Shortly, the bartender started turning on lights and flashing them
dim to high. That was the universal message that before too long, they would
stay on. Sailie and Dylan were unconcerned. They had nothing but one another in
their shared look. And Sailie thought of the torch singer.
The piano player stood, looked at Sailie and blew out the candle on her piano. In
the flicker of the burning light, Sailie saw the invitation.
Dylan broke his gaze, stood and took Sailie’s elbow. “We’d better leave before they have us arrested,” he said. And they smiled, knowingly, at one another. Sailie
was hoping there would be better reasons ahead to get them both arrested.
“Wait. Do you mind if I give my friend, Meesa, a ride home?”
Disappointment hung on his voice.

“The piano player.”

“Oh…no, of course not. But, I have a small car.”
“No problem. I mean, would you like to have a nightcap at my house? I’ll ride with you and Meesa can bring my car when she is finished here. She doesn’t have one. You don’t mind, do you?” What could he say sporting that hard-on?
“No, I mean yes! I would love to come have a drink at your house and no, I don’t mind if she brings your car. I didn’t realize you were friends.”
“Well, yes, we’ve been friends for a little while. I’ll explain later. Let me give her the keys.”
As they rose to go, Sailie broke away from the man who had held her attention the entire night to the woman that held it now. She bent to the young woman’s ear
as she slipped a twenty into the bountiful brandy snifter and inhaled the
lavender fragrance she remembered so swell. Her aroma sent an electric bolt to the
moist center of Sailie’s desire.
“Come to my house when you are finished, won’t you?”
“Yes, of course, I will. I’ve been watching you all night, both of you, but then you
knew that,” the long-legged blond with the soft fingertips answered matter-of-factly.
“Here are my keys. We’ll have a drink. You will come, promise? Do you remember how to get there?”
“Of course, I said I will, Sailie. I’ll be here awhile cleaning up, but I should be
there in about an hour. And yes, I remember how to get there. It hasn’t been
that long—just last night.”
“You don’t mind him, too, do you?”
“Mind? Oh, lord Sailie, no. Are you fucking kidding? He’s gorgeous. And you look
absolutely radiant. Is that an iridescent blush on your cheeks? You look
“Thank you, sugar. No, it’s not blush but excitement and a little bit of cum. See ya at my house.”
Sailie kissed her ear, the twenty safely tucked in the snifter, sucked her earlobe
into her mouth with a little flick of her tongue and turned to the man that had
her mojo melting.
“Come on, Dylan. Are you ready to go? I’ll ride with you to my house.”
“Ah, sure, Sailie. You, ah…you, ah, you kissed her…?”
“Yes,” Sailie turned and wiggled a wave to Meesa. “We’re close.”
“Oh, well, then…”


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Muffy, author of provocative romance about
love, sex, hope and passion, was born in Texas to traditional parents. With two
older brothers, she was the youngest, the family “princess,” indulged
and pampered. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force
which required the family to travel extensively. Muffy spent her formative
years in Europe and ‘came of age’ in France which forged her joie de vivre and
love for books, writing and education.
Married and living in the tropical paradise of
SW Florida along the Gulf Coast, Muffy dabbles in real estate, writes and
enjoys life in the sun with her husband and wee Havanese pup, Burt.
~ Live, Laugh, Love with Passion
Feb  2016 ~ My Life in the Sky A Memoir of Lt.Col. Joe Lyle Jr

Mar 2016 ~ Alpha Fever Anthology with Gina Kincade from Naughty Nights Press 

May 2016 ~  Sequel to The Para-Portage of Emily

July 2016 ~ Ribbons of Moonlight Sequel to Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences

© 2000-2016
Muffy Wilson. 
[] All rights reserved.
Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission
from the author.

#NewRelease Losing Control from @RAGarietz #Sports #Romance


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(¸.•´ (¸.•`New Release

Losing Control (A Control Series, Book 1)

By R.A. Garietz

Available for #Free with #KU


Lance wants nothing more than to win at Mr. Olympia. And if he gets to meet some women while he’s in Vegas, the more the merrier. At least that’s what he thought until he met Jess.

Jess loves her job managing models during fitness competitions. But she’s always let everyone know she’s the boss. She’s never let anyone seduce her, no matter how big and buff they were. Until Lance.

But can Lance overcome his past and allow himself to let Jess in? And once Jess finds out about Lance’s secret, will she ever trust him?

Available for #Free with #KU Subscription



“Jess, what’s your deal?” he asks and I can feel him staring at me.

I dare not to look him in the eyes, because his eyes make me feel things I shouldn’t be feeling. “I don’t have a deal.” I tell him, trying to pull out of his hold. “I’m here to do a job, that’s it.”

He grips me tighter to him and asks, “Is being a bossy, control freak part of your job? Are you more pissed because you can’t control the words that come out of my mouth, or the fact you can’t control how I make you feel when you’re near me? You can bet your sweet ass the feeling is mutual, babe.”

It’s like he can read my thoughts and part of him knows how to be a decent guy, but then he has to go an add something cocky every time. I mean, did he really just ask me that, then call me his fucking babe?

“Fuck you, Lance. You’re just mad that you have to be controlled by a woman.”

He laughs at me like I just got done telling a hilarious joke. I’m boiling with anger when I snatch my arm from his hold.

“Don’t fucking touch me again. I am your manager, not one of your fan sluts.” I remind him, but before I can walk away, he grabs my face and kisses me hard. I moan, trying to push him away, but it only makes him grab me harder. He tastes so good that I lose all of my control and begin kissing him back.

“Jess!” Kyle yells, startling me and I break the kiss.

I plant my hands on Lance’s chest and shove him a way, covering my mouth with my hand. The look on Lance’s face says he’s more pissed than sorry that we got caught.

“What the hell? He’s your client,” Kyle informs me, as if I didn’t know already.

I’m in absolute shock at the moment. I’m mad at myself, and at Lance, but even more mad at the fact Kyle walked in.

“I’m well aware of that Kyle, thank you, but he’s obviously not.” I tell Kyle before turning to Lance. “Get back up front, and stay the hell away from me. Your break is over.” I snap.

“It wouldn’t be if that dick hadn’t interrupted us,” Lance says as he walks away.

Kyle and I stand there, having a stare off. “What, Kyle? What do you want me to say? He kissed me.”

“Looks like you were kissing him back to me.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I did, and it felt really good, but does it really matter? Never mind, don’t answer that, and don’t worry, it won’t happen again.”

“I told you this would happen, didn’t I? This is just the beginning. He’s had a taste of you, and he’s not going to give up until he has it all,” Kyle says. He sounds concerned, but I know that was just his way of saying I told you so.

amelia-author-picAbout the Author

R. A. Garietz is a coffee addicted mom with a passion for romance. With a full time daily schedule, writing about fantasies gives her a chance to escape reality. R. A.’s writing started as a side hobby and very quickly became a realization that she was a bonafide arachnophobia starfish author! The financial industry doesn’t allow for a creative outlet, but writing gives her the chance to express her creativity and imagination.






Same Time, Next Christmas by @VictoriaAlexander #HistoricalRomance, #Holiday

stnc holly 1

Same Time, Next Christmas by Victoria Alexander

My friends have always considered me the most proper among us. But no one was more surprised than I, Portia, Lady Redwell, when I decided to escape the matchmaking efforts of my family to spend Christmas in an enchanting villa on the coast of Italy. As it happened, there was something of a mix-up in my admittedly impulsive plans in the form of a gentleman who thought he too had a claim on the villa. That he was handsome and charming with the darkest blue eyes I’d ever seen and a laugh that oddly seemed to fill my soul was not a consideration. It was only in the true spirit of Christmas that I agreed to share the villa.

That I returned the next year for Christmas was due entirely to the magic of the villa and had nothing at all to do with the fact that he too would be there.

My friend Veronica has often said those least likely to bend are most likely to snap.

It appears I have snapped . . .

Want a sneak peek at the first chapter? Here it is!!! 

Same Time, Next Year Special Peek!

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Get to know Victoria…

Victoria Alexander was an award winning television reporter until she discovered fiction was more fun than real life. The #1 New York Times bestseller has written 33 novels and been published in more than a dozen different countries. Victoria lives in Omaha, Nebraska with a long-suffering husband she kills off in every book and two bearded collies in a house under endless renovation and never ending chaos. She laughs a great deal—she has to.
Check out her website and come chat with her on Facebook VictoriaAlexander’sPlace.

Pas de Deux by @WynterSK #SportsRomance #Boxing #Ballet

Pas de Deux: Part Two (A Cross and Pointe Novel Book 2)
Wynter S.K.



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Amazon US

Mending hearts and building dreams…

It’s easy for Sammi Carnevale to talk herself out of having real feelings for Cillian Ronan, but with one simple, sweet gesture, he wins not only her heart, but her trust, too. She can’t deny her feelings for him, and certainly not her desire. And with every step they make together, Sammi’s wounds begin to mend. And now, with true happiness in her life, she decides to tackle her dreams of dancing again head-on.

But trust is so easily broken…

Cillian is ready to prove to Sammi that he can be everything she’s ever needed and wanted in a man. In return, she makes him feel like he can do anything, like winning the MMA tournament, taking back his father’s business, and even forgiving himself for the guilt he carries over his friend’s suicide. Inviting her for a weekend away with him at the tournament is a turning point for them both—until Sammi’s past catches up with her in the most unexpected and terrible way.

When she flees, she takes with her everything Cillian’s worked so hard for—the tournament, and his father’s gym. His heart goes with her, too, ripped out of his chest with her departure. Can Cillian convince himself he’s worthy and deserving of Sammi? Will Sammi embrace the love she never thought she’d have, or will she succumb to the pain of her nightmare and push Cillian away for good?



DISCLAIMER: This book contains MATURE CONTENT 18+ Includes descriptions of past rape, as well as mentions of self-harm. Pas de Deux is a new adult, MMA, sports, military romance novel.

Meet the author



Romance with a razor-sharp edge! Wynter S.K. is a New Adult romance writer, focusing on military, suspense, and MMA/boxing. She loves Happily-Ever-Afters, heart-of-gold alpha males, “safe” angst (that is a thing!) and strong, butt-kicking, realistic heroines. She lives for the raging storm before the rainbow.

Wynter lives with her husband, cat, and dog in the Heartland–how fitting! She loves great wine, great chocolate, spending time with friends, and indulging in trashy reality T.V. Wynter loves to connect with readers, so don’t be afraid to drop her line.